PHOTO CAMP MYANMAR - Photography and Storytelling

Myanmar.  Its people, its landscape, and its future are all transforming.  As the country continues driving toward integration into the global community, it faces complex challenges in providing its citizens with effective national education, sustainable development, environmental protections, and public health awareness.  With these challenges in mind, BAC proposes to conduct a Photography Camp in Myanmar focusing on providing a unique youth perspective on local community issues.  The global lens is now focused on Myanmar and Photo Camp will empower youth to use photography and creative critical thinking to document important issues in their daily lives.

Photo Camp students will be shown how to use a camera effectively, taught basic photography editing skills, encouraged to think critically, and instructed on how to tell a story for impact.  These are life skills that can be transferred to a wide range of vocational and professional fields, giving students a stronger opportunity for success outside of the classroom.  

EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH - Helping Teachers Help their Students

In collaboration with Teachers Across Borders and through the work of Gift of Education, BAC is committed to improving education opportunities and resources for Myanmar teachers and students.  Come join us as we work with Myanmar teachers and students on laying a path for educational success!

The Gift of Education is an educational initiative of the Burmese American Collective launched in 2013 to help improve the English-language skills of Myanmar teachers and their students.  Now in its third year, Gift of Education offers professional teacher development in Myanmar by providing free English instruction to teachers from tuition-free schools across the suburbs of greater Yangon that serve students who are too poor to attend state schools.  GoE uses a peer-to-peer workshop model to instruct teacher trainees on strategies to improve their English reading, writing, listening, and comprehension skills so that they can transfer those skills into the classroom with their own students.

Teachers Across Borders offers an opportunity for international educators to contribute to the professional development of teachers in Myanmar.  Just as it is vital to help students grow, TAB understands that Myanmar teachers must also be given the resources to develop their own teaching skills if they are to help their students.  In order to make impact, we must work together with teachers and students as a team.  Collaboration, transparency, and open dialogue is key to TAB's success in Myanmar. 

TAB has run three workshops in Myanmar so far, working with trainees in Yangon in 2004 and in Nyaung Shwe/Inle Lake in 2013 and 2014.  TAB uses a peer-to-peer workshop model to instruct teacher trainees on strategies to develop their classroom teaching skills.  They use international workbooks and worksheets, group activities, quizzes, song and rhymes, and other tools to engender learning through creativity.


Starting in 2010, BAC's Founder and President has been partnering with the Library of Congress' Asian Division to catalog Burmese manuscripts and collect materials for the Burmese American Collection, a sub-collection of the Southeast Asian Collection.   With the help of the Myanmar American community, the Asian Division continues to document and catalog parabaik (mulberry paper) and peisa (palm leaf) manuscripts within its archives. 

The Burmese American Collection is a repository of materials gathered from across the United States documenting the daily lives, stories, and history of the Myanmar American diaspora.  We need donations from the community to keep this collection growing and to keep the voices of Myanmar Americans heard.  By archiving our stories with "America's Library,"  Myanmar American footprints will never fade from the history of the United States.  

SMITHSONIAN FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL - Sounding the voice of the Myanmar American Community

BAC spearheaded and organized the participation of the Myanmar American community in the Smithsonian's Folklife Festival Asian Pacific American Program.  Gathering families, friends, and neighbors from across the DMV and Tri-State areas, we highlighted the history and culture of the Myanmar diaspora to the American public.  The beauty behind Tha-na-kha, traditional dances and an ear-boring ceremony, Burmese foods, martial arts style Bando, and the artistry of Chinlone were showcased on the National Mall in the heat of the D.C. summer!