American Alien

New episodes posted here on August 12th, September 9th, and September 29th.
American Alien, a project developed by Flux Factory Artist-in-Residence Ye Taik, is designed to increase awareness of the Burmese diaspora and to serve as a platform for the Burmese American voice. Through interviews published as podcasts on the Flux Factory website, American Alien will address topics related to Burmese innovation and hybridity.

Comprised of conversations with Burmese American intellectuals and prominent artists of Burmese descent, this project questions notions of individual identity and belonging in a country, which from its very beginning, has been inhabited by displaced people: immigrants, outsiders, refugees, third culture kids and third culture adults. In this light, America’s unifying characteristic is one of difference.

Ye Taik has written the following statement about this project:

As a post-nationalist who resides in Brooklyn, I am very interested in exploring the progressive definition of Home. Culture is an organism that expands and contracts, that breathes within the context of the relationships of people with all different skin colors, all different tones and accents, all different perspectives and all different emotional landscapes. As diverse as Americans are, many people of color are still culturally underrepresented.

The series of three episodes includes interviews with New York-based curator and artist, Tun Myaing; the Library of Congress Florence Tan Moeson Fellow and Burmese American Collective Director, Saw Sandi Tun; and Co-founder of Sulu DC, as well as “proud Burmese American Gypsy,” Simone Jacobson.