Welcome to Burmese American Collective, a home-grown certified 501c(3) organization with one humble mission - to share knowledge about the history, art, culture, and contributions of Myanmar Americans across the diaspora.  Through our programs and events, we offer a platform for engagement between American, Myanmar, and Myanmar-American  communities.

Who is Burmese American Collective?

We are sisters Sandi and Sue Tun.  Born of the diaspora, we are modern but rooted in tradition.  We love our family, we honor our culture, and we strive to empower our community.  Join our journey and share your stories with us. 

Saw Sandi Tun

Founder and Executive Director

About Sandi

I am Founder and Executive Director of Burmese American Collective. A lifelong nerd and lover of learning, I hold a Master’s degree in the History of Art and Archaeology of Southeast Asia, with a focus on the art and cultural traditions of Myanmar.  I am deeply proud of my heritage and have always been fiercely committed to community.  It is important to me that BAC remains a purely non-political organization, leaving the controversial discourses to other groups.  Our mission instead focuses on people, relationships, and the sharing of knowledge.  

BAC's story starts at the very tail-end of 2009 when I was in-between jobs and had the luxury of time.  Since then, BAC has quietly simmered in the background of my life as a 9-5 job and family took center stage.  Eight years after BAC took its first steps, I became a mother and have been channeling all of my energy into my son. 

As motherhood begins to settle in and I find the time to breathe again,  I am ready to think, create, and do.  Ready to breathe life back into Burmese American Collective and grow it into something that my son can be proud of.  Please, join me on this journey!


Sue Sann Thidar Tun

Creative Director

About Sue

I am Creative Director of BAC and a freelance artist/graphic designer working out of the Washington, D.C. area.  I’ve been drawing since I can remember and my whole life, art has been my refuge.  It hasn't always been easy to stay on this creative path but I wouldn't have it any other way.  

I have a particular love for oil painting and charcoal but design is what has helped me organize my creative thoughts.  By marrying my love for tactile art with design,  I have created my own unique voice.  Using this   voice, I  want to connect with others, seek to share ideas, and tell the untold stories. 

Through BAC, I work to make the connection between artist, community, and patron more practical and approachable.